Chiropractic care


Problems may occur as a result of accidents, illness, poor posture, lack of exercise, sports injury - or simply everyday wear and tear. These problems tend to cause pressure on the nerves in the body. There is no typical chiropractic patient. Those seeking help and advice include both young and older people, manual workers, office professionals, pregnant women, children and people who play sports.

Chiropractors provide a package of care including  physical treatments drawn from all types of manual therapy as well as spinal manipulation, exercise, muscular therapies and a range of advice on activity, lifestyle and prevention.

Our goal is not only to make you feel better as a result of treatment, but also to understand the reasons for the problems you have sought treatment for that you can reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Chiropractic is regulated by Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom. The chiropractic  profession is regulated by the law

( Chiropractic Act 1994) and this gives regulatory powers to the General Chiropractic Council(GCC). For more information about the GCC, visit General Chiropractic Council.